Cultural Heritage

QYAC's Cultural Heritage services team has an intimate knowledge of the environment, traditions, rituals, areas of significance and artefacts of the region and offer valuable consultation and facilitation services to ensure cultural heritage obligations are achieved.
The Quandamooka people have a strong connection to the land and waters of Moreton Bay. We aim to protect both the tangible and intangible aspects of our culture that have been a part of our history for thousands of years while still harnessing opportunities for growth and progress. Our services include:
– Cultural heritage management advice and guidance
– Site assessments including clearance for works to be carried out
– Development of cultural heritage compliance procedures and assessment of obligations
– Development and implementation of Conservation Management Plans
– Photographic and archival recording of sites and artefacts
– Artefact analysis and removal if necessary
– Cultural Heritage Awareness training

What to do if you find Aboriginal Cultural Heritage on Quandamooka Country
- Do not attempt to pick up or move object
- Ensure the object is clear from harm
- Contact QYAC on: 07 3415 2816 or

Human Remains
- Contact the Police immediately
- Do not attempt to move or interfere with the remains
- Ensure the remains are clear of harm
If the coroner determines that the remains are Aboriginal, he/she will contact the relevant Aboriginal Party


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